Setbacks and Gratitude

Our hearts our sad tonight. We found out yesterday that we can no longer adopt the two children we have fallen in love with and planned for. Unforeseen circumstances came up making the adoption not possible for these children. International adoption comes with risks. When we started our home study process, we were informed of many risks. We felt prompted to move forward regardless.

The complications that arose were not the agency’s fault. Even through our grief, we know we can’t give up. We have felt God’s guidance and love. I believe God is watching and has a plan for us. We are moving forward and praying about other orphans that need a family. Those orphans know all too well about grief and loss.

We feel such gratitude for the love and support showered over us. Strangers and people we don’t know have contributed. The miracles are too many to count.

We thank you for all your prayers and contributions. We will keep you updated as we move forward with this journey of adoption.

With Love,

Candice and Jason Mortensen

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3 thoughts on “Setbacks and Gratitude

  1. I just read your story on KSL. As a woman who suffered from infertility chanllanges I can understand to some extent the struggle that you are going through and even though I don’t know you thinking of the heart ache you must feel at not being able to adopt those children fills my eyes with tears for you. I have passed more than one night curled in a ball on the floor in the corner of my bathroom greieving the loss of a child who was mine just as surely as as is any child to a mother who gave birth.
    I hope and pray for your sucess in adopting and being able to be parents. Though it may be of little comfort now, your child will come into your home when the time is right, I believe that God cares about few things more than how His children come into and out of this world. May He give you strength to bare this trial.

  2. Candice and Jason,
    I am so sorry to read about your setback. I know the emptiness that comes from wanting a child so bad and seemingly being so close. God has bigger plans for you and your future family and to see that beauty it may take a little time, but God is bigger than disappointment and setbacks. I guess the reason that I am writing is to ask if you have considered adopting a child that is in, or will be in Child Protective Services care in your state? At least here in AZ, where I live, we have thousands of children just waiting for a home. While it takes a little work in the form of classes, you could be able to bring a child home from the hospital and adopt with it costing you nothing.
    If your heart is set on bringing a child home from overseas, then you need to follow that lead, but many don’t consider giving someone from their own backyard a home. I know and trust that you rely on and follow Gods prompting and I pray for His blessings over you both. Again, I am so sorry for this setback, just remember that some of the most beautiful things in life come after a seemingly bad moment.

  3. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your story! You’re very brave. My husband and I are a year into an international adoption and it can definitely test your faith. Although we currently have three children, as pre-adoptive parents, there are many things that we could relate with each other about. Adoption’s definitely a journey that someone can’t understand unless they’ve gone through it. My prayer for both of us is that the Lord will provide abundantly for each need that we have every step of the way as we pursue giving a child in need a forever family. Best wishes to you, I’ll be following your journey. If you want to check out our process go to

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